/////////////// MABBOO IS TWO /////

The 16th October marks the 2 Year Trading Anniversary of Mabboo Bamboo clothing!

It’s been an incredible business journey for 2 years. We’ve had many highs and a few lows across the 2 years so we’d thought we’d write a little blog showcasing these and letting you know a little more about plans for the future of Mabboo.

So I think we’ll have to start with that 1st order arrival. After much hard work stretching back to the start of 2008 (when the idea of Mabboo was first hatched), our 1st order of sustainable bamboo T-shirts arrived. By pure coincidence these honestly had been couriered by Panda Logistics from China!

Receiving that 1st order was an amazing feeling but also a daunting one as we suddenly had a load of our Bamboo T-shirts to sell. We had our website up and running and had received a number of pre-orders but beyond that were unsure how people and retailers would react to our revolutionary clothing!

With Christmas 2010 fast approaching we decided to move the business from Langport in rural Somerset, to the bright lights of the big city of Bristol, to start marketing and selling our wares in as many markets and events as possible. This was all good, but to help raise finance for the 1st order I’d sold my wheels! We now had the problem of getting stock across the city centre without a vehicle. So along came the handy 30kg suitcase I’d used to bring all my worldy belongings back from China in! Now if anyone can remember the Autumn/Winter of 2010 you’ll remember it was particularly cold. So spending whole days out in this weather and then dragging this suitcase full of T-shirts Del Boy style across the city taking 45 mins at a time certainly tested my young entrepreneurial resolve - especially on the day the wheel decided to fall off and I had to drag the suitcase back to Mabboo HQ!

Fortunately we landed a chalet on Bristol’s first ever Christmas market showcasing Bristol based businesses so we had a fixed presence for the rest of the Christmas period so it was great to be out there selling and finding out more about our customers regardless of the snow!

In the New Year we became involved with UWE Ventures a shared business start-up space and this led us to being involved in their business competition the Biz idea. We came 2nd in the overall competition netting £2500 as well as securing use of the UWE Business space for a year.
Unfortunately at the end of September due to funding cuts the space closed. Below is a (slightly blurry blame the beer) photo from the last night and some of the many start-up businesses and business support advisors that operated in the space. Special thanks to Paul, Jill and Maz.

For the last two summers we’ve tried hard to get the Mabboo brand out there to the masses across the length and breadth of the country at various festivals and events. 

These have been hard work, some have been great for sales, others not so. This past summer we think we had our worst experience yet at the Wakestock festival at the very Northern tip of Wales in Aberoch, let's just say the weather didn't behave! Photos below shows 2 photos one of the tents Mabboo staff were in and the other the state of the main camping site on the 1st day of the festival!!!

The summer also brought Mabboo’s first ever TV appearance. From thousands of applicants we were selected to appear on a new Sky 1 business show called ‘The Angel’ a cross between Dragon’s Den and the Apprentice in which we competed for 100k of investment. The show was fronted by billionaire businessman John Caudwell and presented by the lovely Amanda Byram of Total Wipeout fame. We won’t spoil what happened but you can now watch highlights now, and extended highlights will be available soon on our youtube channel.

So what does the future now hold for Mabboo. Well we’re excited to announce that we’re working on being the first ever company to bring a new version of bamboo clothing to the UK. This new bamboo fabric is softer and even more sustainable-through the new manufacturing process 99% of the organic compound used to break the bamboo down we are now able to recycle, recover and reuse, making what we believe to be the world’s most sustainable fabric. Here’s a sneaky look of one of incredibly soft samples of the new bamboo fabric.

Although we started with Bamboo clothing the vision for Mabboo has always been to create the very best sustainable products made of Bamboo, so we have now decided now's the time to start expanding our range. On the 15th of October samples arrived of our very first Bamboo iPhone and iPad cover samples.

We will be retailing these on our site and also at our Pop-Up store which will be opening in Bristol city centre over Christmas. Look out on our blog to hear more about these exciting developments.

Of course there are countless people who’ve been involved in the Mabboo story so far. However some special mentions have to go out to Matt C Stokes our Creative Director and our supplier Liu Bin and his family for all their hard work for the past 2 years and beyond.
Of course the Mabboo story could also not continue without you, our customers, and your continued support so THANK YOU!